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Any tips for mum for surviving first day at daycare Rss

My daughter is 9 months and I am due to go back to work on 10th January. I have managed to find a daycare centre for my daughter, but to enable me to get a spot next year I need to start her this year. So on Tuesday I will be taking my daughter for the first time to daycare. Has anyone got any helpful tips for me to help cope/survive with leaving her.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

My oldest goes to Early Learing Program 2 1/2hrs once a week. The first few times I only left him for 2 hours until he got used to it and I wanted to call 3 times to make sure all was ok but didnt.

Best thing to do is to keep busy so that you are not thinking about it.

At 9mths she should be happy to be anywhere so long as she has love and attention.

If you need to call to check up then do otherwise try to keep busy.
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