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C-Section Issues - Numb Tummy Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else who has had a c-section out there has had the same problem as me.

I had my bub under general in an emergency situation 5 months ago and ever since there has been a large potion of my tummy (mainly above my scar) that is totally numb. I cannot feel a thing. And around this area I ocassionally get shooting pains (almost like something is pinching my tummy) and I'm wondering if that's something to do with the nerves? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem!?

Sam x

Hi Sam,

I had a C-section with epidural, it took almost 2 months before the feeling returned to my lower tummy. There are days when i get pains and think they probably wind or period pains (i havent had a period since) and its quite disturbing when you dont know what the pain is about. I still have slight numbness and my baby is 6 months, being a 1st time mom im not sure if this is normal. I too will be looking forward to any replies relating to this.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

My son in 9 months old and I still get the occasional pain and numbness feeling from c-sect. Getting a bit worried as we want to have another baby soon but I'm not over th
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e first one yet!!!

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

Hi I had a c-section 14 months ago and mine isnt numb anymore just feels a bit bruised still like when u push on a bruise.
the feeling does come back smile
I had cesarian too 6 months ago and yes I still have numbness and pain but reading all of your replies I too now think it must be normal.

Jo....I got told that I couldn't have another child for 18months after my first bub. But that could be because my placenta was stuck to my uterus and maybe its still healing but lost 2 litres of blood and almost had a historectomy (Very close).

I don't know.........maybe you should ask the your doctor next time you go.

I hope all of your little bubs are going well!!


QLD, Mum to Chloe 16.05.04 + Caiden 25.08.06

Hi, I had a c-secion in august '02 and was told that it takes 2 years to fully recover and heal and it took almost a year for my numbness to go, the shotting pains lasted six months or so. Good luck with it all.

Elizabeth, NZ

i too had a c-section, mine is still numb just under the incision, and i get shooting pains too.
Good to hear its normal, i was starting to wonder about it!

My daughter Taliya born 14th July 2004


i had a c-section 9 months ago and i still have alittle bit of numbness and shooting pain at times, it is much better than it was though. I was reading a book that said it is all very normal, however, it is nice to know you're not the only one!! Wouldn't it be nice if the doctor explained these things to you straight after the ceasar?

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

Hi there

I had an emergency c-section a year ago, and the numbness is still there from mid-naval down to the scar, and it REALLY hurts when my son grabs that area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In some people the sensation in that area will never return, (common) but may improve over time. BUT by that time, you will probably have another baby! smile
I had my twin boys 7 months ago C-Sec style and I have to say that after having a relatively normal delivery with my first son I found a C-Sec to be quite invasive. Although I havent had too many problems I have the classic afterpains of it.
I get sore leaning on my scar, I get shooting pains sometimes around the scar, it feels funny sometimes to lay on my tummy. But, I was told to expect this, I havent had any numbness-but because I had twins I have extra fat around the tummy and therefore dont really know if I can feel it or not!! I am not too concerned-I am getting daily exercise which seems to help the scar tissue get better-I know this from when I have had previous operations with scarring. Exercise really is the best cure-not overdoing it though. A simple walk can make your scarring feel a million dollars.

Hope this helps, your not alone gasp)
I have to say that I have had natural and C-Sec-I had bad afterpains with natural so its not just the C-Sec's who get it!!!!

Linda-27,Wgtn,7yrold twin3yrolds

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