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house cleaner... Lock Rss

hi all. im just wondering if anybody has a cleaner? im looking to go back to school soon, and im scared i wont be able to keep up with DS, school work and housework.

is anybody juggling all three? DH husband works long hours, so is limited in how much he helps

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

that would be nice! If I could afford it, I would! I've just started back at work two days a week and that means even less time for housework. i have coped by lowering my standards of cleanliness (I didn't know it was possible but there you go!). My poor son crawls around on our floor...

We have a cleaner she comes in once or twice a week and generally does the floors, dusts, changes bedding, cleans oven, fridge, bathrooms etc. And every 8 weeks does everything windows, curtains etc

We also have a gardner who comes in weekly and basically just does the lawns n waters the few plants we have.

This costs us about $100 a week but I wouldnt be with out them both

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

I have also started to use a cleaning agaency for every 4 weeks.. coz went back to work last month and has back pain.and thought paying 70$ for a month is worth doing it will save my time and energy.spend on nagging DH about all the cleaning ..wil recomend it to anyone.
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