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any other mom with back pain Lock Rss


I had this bad back pain from 32 weeks pregnacy and it is still there.Got a little better after the birth but never completely away. have a CT scan done of my back which showed I have got a disc bulge in my lower back...I have been seeing my Physio and Gp , got little better and went back to work .which make pain 3 times its al most constant pain and sitting is quite impossible... Physio and Gp both said it will get better but will take long time....getting really frustated with the pain......Just wondering is there any other mom who had /has similar problems and got better....or know what to do to make the pain better...
Really looking forward to any reply.
hey naz,

i also have back pain dont know wot it is caused from carrying a bug bub,trying to give me an epi for over an hour i dont know.

but its really bad at night and i cant sleep properly.

just wanted to let u know u r not alone
I have had a book recommended to me called:
Back Care Basics
by Dr Mary Pullig Schatz.
I can't personally tell you that it works but I am ordering 1 for myself, they are very cheap on Amazon (about nz$14). It explains a lot of what causes back/neck pain and shows yoga exercises to correct bad posture or muscle weakness etc.
hope this helps

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Thank you all for ur reply.Its a kind of comforting knowing that u r not alone with this problem.My back is a bit better i have been doing few light exercises( like tummy tightening in different position..on my back , hands and knees.and also using lumber roll behind my back to keep it staright while sitting and always tring to sit on hard chairs....but still its not good enough to do all my daily activites...just thought if u gyus can try to do abny of this exercises to see if it helps u.....
Really hope that we all get better soon.
Hi naz my back plays up and especailly when I was pregnant and I found that when I had a shower I made sure that I had warm water running on it and also soaping your back that helps abit.

I also do back excerise every day and just for a hour and that helps and it also makes your back get stronger again and helps the muslces in the back and my back doesnt hurt to bad now but I have my days when I wish I could get a new back til the old one gets repaired but that is wishing thinking isnt it.

I hope that has help abit and good luck.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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