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sore back Lock Rss

hi well for about a month now i have had a very sore back more lower back anyway each day it feels as it is getting more and more sore,i went to the doctor about two weeks ago and all i was told is i dont know why your back is sore and here are some pain killers.which was a whole lot of good not! the pills dont even work! anyway still 2weeks later after seeing doctor my back pain is not going away any time soon it just gets worse its at the point now wher picking up my son and hold him is too sore to do i just dont know what to do any more all i do is cry from the pain.i have no money ever really to go to doctor so when i do i go i dont want to be told i dont knw what am i to do?

Oliver My Number One Lil Guy 17.08.05

Maybe its worth getting a physio to look at it. I had some lower back issues after DD was born and my Physio did wonders. It ended up being from the hormones during pregnancy and breast feeding that make all your ligaments loose. The physio said its very common.

Pain killers aren't going to fix the problem, in fact, I am suprised your GP gave you those without suggesting some follow up treatment or investigation.

I hope you get better soon you poor thing. There is nothing worse than back pain when you have a little one to look after.

Take care.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I have just ordered a book called "Basic Back Care" by Dr Mary Pullig Schatz.
This was recommended to me by several friends and, although I cannot tell you myself, I thought you would appreciate me passing on the info. Also there are a number of yoga/back care books available in libraries, which will be FREE so even better! Hope you find some way to ease your pain as it can ruin your day being in constant agony, not to mention how hard it is to cope with a little one too. Good luck to you.

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi Youngyummymummy
I can understand how u r feeling as i have been suffering from the same problem since the birth of DD (over 5 months now.) Pain got worse over the last 2 months......and i went back to work but couldn't continue as it made the pain worst.couldn't sit or stand for more than 5 mints.I have a disc bulge at my lower back.and DR and Physio both will take a while (may be upto 2 yrs.)to get better even with regular physio , good back care.. I have been doing few tummy tightening and few very simple i am generally quite weak.....
Kazi , just wondering which physio did u see and what they recomended u.....My pain is still quite bad....and its just so hard to do ur acitivity of daily life when u can't sit or stand more than 10/15 mints....I have heard that hydrotherapyy and walking in the pool is good for back....but haven't tried any of those yet.
I think if ur pain don't get better then u may need to do some scan of ur back to have an idea about what is causing the pain.....
hope u get better soon.
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