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sgaay skin get saggier? Lock Rss

i hade DS 6 months ago and love him to bits, i carried big so post pregnancy i was left with an EXTEMELY saggy, squishy, wrinkly belly...i am making my peace with it (what else can i do? lol) but really with my beautiful son and darling husband, its ok!

But what i am wondering is what happens second time around? we want to concieve feb-ish next year and as much as it makes no difference to my desicion, i would like to know what to expect

So will my saggy skin get saggier?? or will it just fill back in and return to this state?

Thanks smile

l understand completly l have four kids and after the first my tummy did go back into shape a little but with the next two it did get a bit saggier some women have no stretch marks but l suffered terribly from them after my pregnancies. even though l have lost the baby weight my skin is still saggy from the many stretch marks. with my fourth baby there was no difference at all. maybe this is what will happen with you. At the end of the day it doesn't matter as long as you have happy and healthy kids. Good luck trying for number two.

Narelle, NSW,

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