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need to get out Lock Rss

hi everyone.

im 20, single mum, got a son named hayden who is 6 months.. dont get to do much at all..i have tried mothers groups, but never seem to fit in, because all the other mothers are older and dont seem to want to know me.. i need to get outta the house.. havent really had friends sinse hayden was born.. would be great to catch up with any mum that lives in melbourne, for a coffee or something..
i think im gonna lose it, if i stay in the house much longer..
so if anyone in melbourne, wants to go out for a coffee or something, would be great to hear from u, either on here or e-mail me:

elyse, vic, hayden

Just as a different idea, what about joining either baby swimming class or baby gym? They can be expensive, but if you can spare $10 (or so) a week or fortnight, you might get a lot out of it.

I found both activites a great way for us to get out and enjoy ourselves. It was a better way to meet people as they are structured sessions so you tend to have a lot more fun as a group.

I hope lots of people in Melbourne e-mailed you.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my name is kylie, in 19 my son is also 6 months and his name is hayden too. i am also in the same boat as u havent got many friends sinc ehayden came along, would love to catch up if ur in my area, im near frankston. would love to hear from you.

***haydens mum***

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