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how soon is Too Soon to have next bub? Rss

My daughter is 4 months old and we are thinking of having another one, just because we dont want the age gap to big. Im not sure if I am ready though as the birth of my daughter was unexpected as i had to have an emergency c-section which kinda shocked me a bit. I got to 9cm dilated without any medication. I didnt even start really hurting till 8cm. But the next time i give birth it will be c-section, have i given my self enough time to recover. I wanted to try when she is 1 but im not sure what i should do? any suggestions?
i think i should wait till next year to give them a bit of an age gap, what have you mums done?
I found out I was pregnant when my son was 4mths old he's now 9mths and i'm 26weeks!!! We did plan this pregnacy too. We're doing fine, I get a little tired somedays but its nothing that I can't cope with.

I didn't have a c-section though, if I had I would've seen my doc first to make sure my body was healed enough.

My DP and I both have big age gaps between us and our brothers and sisters which is fine but both would've liked someone closer to our age.

As long as its medically ok, go for it! If you feel it's right for your family.
i think you should wait till next year i had a c section to the doctor told me it take up to 2 years for a women boby to go bck in place i dont know about you but i still cant fell my stomach a bit its numb ive got 3 children the ages are 4 yrs 2yrs and 5 months old baby girl it up to you when you wanted another baby let me know how you go ok lisa
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