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argggggh god d*mn friggin itching!!!!! arrrgh the burning

oh god please let there be some sympathetic mums out there and maybe even some tips!!

Very occassionally, maybe like once a year i get thrush. It started last night, with a niggle of an itch, and had progressed into the the full blown burning itching throbbing sensation loving known as thrush.

My wonderful DP popped of to the chemist for me this morning (usually it just clears up by itself but with DS around i cant handle it!!) and he came home with difulcan..

anybody used this? i have just taken the 'one dose pill' appearantly i should feel relief in 24hours and totally gone in kinda hoping it works faster lol!!

Hi. You poor thing. Try some ice to just soothe it a little. Hope you feel better soon smile .

i literally put a a tub of vaseline down there until the pills kicked in

though this is just my suggestion.... so it may not work for all


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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