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Juggling full time work, domestic stuff and family. Lock Rss

Hi... Being a working mother is such a hard job, but i've found if you sit down & organise a menu for the week, it helps a lot, cooking meals in a slow cooker is also a real time saver, also cooking a little extra, then freezing leftovers. A pie maker, is also a great investment, not only can u make pies, but you can also make quiches, ommlettes, tarts, etc. You could also get the older children to help make dinner, for example pizzas. The older children could also help you clean the house, dust, sweep, clean windows, etc.
Organisation and a rock solid routine is the key. I only work part-time right now but i have done the full time thing with 2 kids and work consecutive days this time around so i know what it's like. I call it the treadmill!

My husband and i share domestic duties evenly and generally stick to doing the same things. ie. he does the lunches and the bags, breakfasts the kids and cooks dinner etc etc and i do the laundry, dishwasher and general tidying etc etc. If he didn't 'help' i'd go spare and everything would be a mess!

As far as after work with the kids when i get home from work we all go outside and do the laundry while my baby crawls on a picnic rug, then it's straight into the bath when we get inside while my husband cooks then we feed the baby while the older 2 get themselves dressed after their bath. Then bub goes in for a bath. He has a play on the floor while we all eat (we menu plan cook enough for 2 nights so always have leftovers therefore only cook every second night). Then it's free time til 8:30 when the kids go to bed. We load the dishwasher, and do other chores after they go to bed and then have and hour or so to ourselves before collapsing into bed lol
Well ladies i feel your pain I have a 6y/o and a 19month old and im 32 weeks along with number 3. D/H and I own a mechanical business so there is no such thing as start and finish time or holiday pay or sick pay. Poor DH has got to be there no matter what i have to do all that paperwork no matter what, and yes its really hard. Id be the first to admit i have totally no routine.....yes it sounds good but meh dont think it will ever happen at my place:(

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