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I had my first baby on the 30/9/04 (a 9lb 13oz baby boy named Archie).

I am a member at a Gym and upto recently I was going five days a week for approx. 50 minutes. I can put Archie into Child Care at the Gym and it only costs 2.70 per hour which is excellent.

My problem is that I eat too much (portion sizes) and love to eat chocolate and chips occasionally.

I currently weigh 88kg and would like to lose 20kg or at least a good portion of it before I try to get pregnant with out second child (in approx. three months.)

I would love to have other people to talk to to help me along and hopefully help each other along the same path. Is anyone interested in started the fitness/healthy living challenge with me?

I can't wait to hear other peoples experiences and suggestions.



Mum of Two lovely children

Hi pauline
Before georgia was born (9/11/04) weighed 73kg, not a small girl but happy, in my last week i was nearly at the 100kg mark ( she liked chocolate) i lost 10kg straight away as i was carrying a lot of fluid.
I'v been going to gym now for 2 months and am using a eating plan based on weight watches, i get 18 points a day and foods are worth points
eg all vegies are point free so i can eat as much as i like
yogurts are worth 1
fruit 1/2 point
big mac 26 points.
get the idea.
i'v now lost 6kg and still have a bit to go but it's easy as i have celary and carot sticks on hand all the time and fruit salad cut up and ready.
don't forgrt to treat your self to the occasional treat as what you can't have seems more appealing and thats when you cheat.
everyone is different but this seems to work for me.
good luck hope this helped grin
keep in touch an d let me know how your going.


I hope this helps...

Havine worked and lived in the fitness industry for quite a while - 20kgs in 3months is a tiny bit of an unrealistic goal.

If you want to be weighing less for baby number 2 thats great - I'm in the same way at the moment - but if you want to loose weight realistically and property the most you can hope for is 500gm-01kg per week but it may be less than that or you may not move at all during a week.

Please don't put too much pressure on yourself to loose weight - because you will ultimately pay the price for the pressure.

I can tell you I was 82kg on finding out I was pregnant and reached 108kg at the height of my pregnancy - my little man left me with an extra 10kg - I was 92.8 then lost 2.8kg in about 6 weeks due to the help of Weight Watchers - but I personally am not fretting about it.

Blessings to you and good luck

Thanks Kristie and Tricia,

After reading your kind words I am approaching things a bit more realisticly. Yes, I agree I think that I am putting too much pressure on myself in the time frame I have.

I have decided that I need to focus on a more healthy way of living instead of the weight factor. When I get a bit down I look at my lovely son and I would not change it for the world.

I appreciate your feedback.

Goodluck to you both.


Mum of Two lovely children

Happy - thats a great way to look at things with a healthier lifestyle rather than be focused on weight - YOU GO GIRL!
OH THANK YOU THANK YOU for your posts. I was surfing the forums after months of being away (feeling like a big blob at the moment) and this is what i was looking for. I am a mother of twin boys now 9mnths (still breastfeeding, in fact having trouble getting them off me) so i am stressing about my eating, i try to eat healthy and excersize but then because it is sooooo not having the effect that it used to have i am feeling VERY disheartened. Any help would be great as i have been told by my beloved that i need to "start trying to get back into shape, for me and my children" (not offended at all, but just a massive reality check. I weigh about 95-100kgs and CANNOT shake my baby belly after 2mnths of trying)PLS HELP

Jay, Auckland, twin boys 30.6.04

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