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Weight gain, breastfeeding & nutritionists N/H Lock Rss

Now of course I am going to seek professional advice but it's a public holiday so thought I'd ask where everyone knows at least a little something!! smile

I am in desperate need of weight GAIN..I am 2kg less than pre-baby (and that was tiny as it was!) and I seem to just keep losing it sad I feel like ••••, light-headed and just generally yucky!...

What sort of foods are healthy ones to gain weight with? I would assume lots of potatoes, breads, pasta, rice there a better time of day to eat carbs so they stay on rather than get burnt off?

Now I am aware that breastfeeding generally makes mothers lose weight...but I really want to keep breastfeeding so I need to find a balance...

Does anyone know what nutritionists charge?? I am going to make a few calls and see if I can get some help getting back on track but thought maybe someone here could throw some advice my way in the meantime. I want to look and feel healthy, not like I'm wasting away, and look like a woman in my wedding dress not a stick!!

Thanks !
hey just a question but do you know why you seem to keep losing weight? Do you find that no matter what you eat you just don't seem to gain it?

Ds 17/10/06

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