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Stretchmarks Lock Rss

Does anyone have any remedies for stretchmarks on the thighs and boobs, there are quite a few on the market at the moment, has anyone used any and how did you find them.

Jean, Qld, Ethan 14/8/03

Hi think this a very hard one. When I was pregnant with my twins I never got any. Then with my second pregnancy I got a few on the belly. What I used was full strengh Rose Hip Oil which you can get from any chemist made by KOSMEA. It worked for me as I can no longer see them.

Dianne SA (Di)
I only have stretchmarks on my boobs, as i never put on extra weight and carried at the back. But i'd like to know also if there's anything to use on the boobs (I went from 10A to 12C overnight!). I don't use things if they are tested on animals, so any that i have found are unsuitable because of that

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

Hi, with my first pregnancy I had quite a few stretch marks on my boobs and stomach. It was quite embarrassing for me just to look at them. One day I was having a exam by my doctor and told him how I felt about them and he suggested vitamin E capsules the ones with liquid in them.
All you do is cut one to two open at the top and rub it into your stretch marks. You will be a bit greasy until you get used to it but hey it suprisely works.You do this about 2-3 times a day. I was very shocked when I started noticing the difference. I know use them on any scars on myself or my family to just fade away that ugly look.As they say it wont happen over night but it will happen. Good Luck..
I only got a few marks and right at the end. I've found almond oil really good and getting some sun on them when you can. My son is nearly 7 months and my marks arn't very noticable any more.
I've used almond oil as well and thought it made a difference. A tip though so you don't get caught like me.

Make sure you don't go out in the sun just after you put the oil on and sizzle like a sausage. Silly me.......

Just one of the many things I have done since my brain was removed along with my placenta, HA HA

tired and feeling old

I have heard about this stuff called Bio Oil...havent tried it but it sure sounds good!
Hi there

I am currently using two products together - Innoxa mothers stretch mark cream and Bio Oil. I have been using them for around one week - twice a day - morning and night. I haven't seen any difference but i think it takes time. I bought them from priceline.

First time mum..
girl, 6.5 mths
Just wondering how everyone is going with their stretchmarks????

I think time might be the only answer.

tired and feeling old

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