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Quick Lunch Ideas Lock Rss

Hi everyone, Just asking if anyone has any ideas for quick and easy lunch time meals. I just don't have the energy at lunch time to make anything, and we hardly have left overs. I have resorted to eating chicken noodle soup plus fresh bread even though it is summer time!!
Bubby sleeps from 1pm to 4pm (on a good day) and i just don't know what to eat with out preparing a great deal.
All comments greatly appreciated

Mandy, Orange, NSW, 10 mths boy.

Cheese sticks are always quick and easy, cubes of avocado and cuts of cold meat like ham or bbq chicken. Then there is always sandwiches (vegemite or cheese spread are hits in my house), yoghurt and fruit.
Thanks Kirstiegal, because there is only myself and my partner here, i'm finding old meats and even left overs go off just as i remeber there in the fridge. I suppose i must be fussy as i never seem to like the same old boring things like sandwhiches, etc. Thanks for the comment, I ended up making a quick hamburger for lunch.

Mandy, Orange, NSW, 10 mths boy.

Hi Mandy,
Try things like packets of noodles, pasta and sauces, (you can cook these in the microwave if you have one, and they only take 1 minute preparation time), chicken nuggets or patties are nice in the oven. Just throw them on a tray, set the timer, turn once. They only take about 15 mins to cook. Spagetti on toast, scrambled eggs cooked in the microwave ( make up a normal, cook on high for 1 minute at a time, and stir between minutes. Hope this gives you some idea's.

Mother of 3, Qld


I can so relate to you, the only difference being I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and always hungry. I have found good quick lunch ideas to be:

Fresh fruit
Tinned fruit salads
Tubs of yoghurt
Mini salads - lettuce, tomato, cheese etc
Cheese and tomato on toast
2 minute noodles
Cheese crackers with vegemite
Meat pies and sausage rolls (30 mins. in oven)
Speghetti / baked beans on toast
Egg on toast

and so on and so on...

Hope this helps you a little smile Michelle
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