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Periods Lock Rss

I was just wondering, i stopped breastfeeding about a month to a month and a half ago and have still not got my period. I was just wondering how long after do you get it? Any other mum's wth the same problem
Hi Jaimee-lee

Unfortunately I don't think there is an answer. This is just one of those things where everyone is really different. Until I had my son, 2 years ago, I thought that you didn't get your period while breastfeeding but mine came back when he was 13 WEEKS old and I breastfed him until he was 13 1/2 MONTHS old. I'm now breastfeeding my 3 1/2 month old daughter and my periods haven't returned yet. I know a few mums who have formula fed babies and their periods didn't return for months. Sorry I know I haven't really answered your question - but I don't think there really is an answer smile

Take care
wow think yourself luck i had my daughter 6 1/2 mths ago and i haven't stopped bleeding. I'm on the injection and asked my doc about this and some woman do and some dont but she has suggested that i go on the pill to get it back on track maybe you could try that.wish i was you. smile

dani,nz,6mth baby

I am on the mini pill. I have now stopped breast feeding for bout 3 months now and still have not got it. About 2 years before i had my son Xavier, i was in hospital as i had a cyst on my ovaries that had burst. When i later went for a check up i got told i had irritable bowel syndrome. I didnt believe the doctor so i went back to my doctor. I had another check up but they didnt say anything. i had really bad period pains, and it was heavy so i thought it mite have endimentriosis. Before my son my periods were all over the show and got told once i had my son they would go back to normal but havent.
I am still breastfeeding my 5mnth old, and no sign of periods yet-not really complaining tho!! I wonder when I should expect them-any clues?

Bronwyn, TAS,

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