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the shower Lock Rss

does any one have a shower with their baby? do they like it? or hate it? Kayden loves the shower, infact i think if we gave him a shower every day he would love it more than his bath. he is a real water baby, and is amazed over how the water comes out! he puts his hands up to the water to watch it run down his arms. what about you? for weekly baby specials on nappies and heaps more. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Akina and I showered together from birth to about 5 months. It was great - our bath was a spa (too big) and the baby bath (too much effort) She loved it. We still sometimes shower together at 11 months she is quite tall and it is getting abit difficult to hold her but where we are now we have one of those hand held shower attachments so she can sit on the floor with a smaller amount of water coming out at her. She loves it and trys to catch the water between her thumb and first finger - so cute. Also no where near as much water ends up on the floor. My little water baby kicks and kicks and kicks so much water out of the bath!


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