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when is it the right time to have baby number two Lock Rss

Hi Everyone
just seeing anyones opinon on when you think its right to have child number two . i would like to start to try to have another baby when benjamin is about 8-9mths old.

my husbands friend wife who is really jealous of me and puts alot of pressure on me cos i want to have another baby. ( she said it is the wrong thing to do and i should be spending more time with benjamin and waiting until he is older so she cant have baby and everybody fuss over her. cant stand her

anne, benjamin 1/1/05, matthew 18/07/07

Hi there

I have just under a 17 month age gap between my 2 girls and it is just great! I actually fell pregnant the second time by accident when my oldest was nearly 8 months however I was happy as we were going to start trying when she was 9-10 months old anyway.

I think 17 months to 2 years is an ideal gap for me. It was easy for my oldest to adjust to the baby and there were no jealously issues. She loves her little sister very much.

It is also a good gap because you are still in nappy/baby mode. However disposable nappies become expensive! smile

Your husbands friends wife does not sound very nice! Having a baby is not a race or a competition for attention either! It isn't any of her business how you plan your family. I hope she isn't any trouble when you have your next baby.

I hope it all works out for you.


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I had Aimee a month before Haydn turned 3, and for me, that was a great gap. Haydn was toilet trained, for day, and did almost everything on his own, with a little help from mum or dad of course! I really wonted to enjoy my time with Haydn, and watch him grow up as much as possible before introducing another baby into the family. We had a few jeolosy stages, but being near 3 he understood what was going on. He now loves his little sister and does everything for her! He even changes the dirty nappies, which he loves to do, always asks me to do them, so I let him.

It is so much fun watching the two of them grow up. The jealousy has come back because she can now get to everything, specially his toys, but that is just another hurdle we have to cross, and so far, mum and dad are winning the game!

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