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How long after c-section Lock Rss

How long after a c-section is it recommended to wait before trying for bub number 2

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

no idea never been told never asked. I had a c-sec 4 months ago but i dont want another baby till hes about 3 and I already told DH if it happens im pregnant ill have a termination. I couldnt cope with another one atm.
Maybe a good question to ask CYH?

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hi Oscar's Mum

After I had my first my ob told me at my 6 week check up that after 3 months your scar is as strong as it's ever going to be. I fell pregnant with my daughter when my son was 1 yr old. My daughter was also born by c-section and a couple of days after I had her my ob said that I shouldn't have any problems having another baby as my scar isn't too thin. So I think it's probaly best to check with your doctor as everyone is different, and you'll probably get hundreds of different opinions.

Take care
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