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Trying to eat properly with a demanding baby. Lock Rss

I'm one of those Mum's that doesn't like alot of junk food in my diet and I'm still beastfeeding my 7 month old boy.Between teething and Bowen has started the seperation anxiety stage as well,I seem to never have time to grab myself something decent to eat through the day till my husband gets home.This is wearing me out and I've noticed I have a lot less energy just at a time my baby needs me most, does anyone have any ideas on how I can manage to eat decent healthy meals and not leave my Baby upset while I prepare and eat it??
I have 4 month old twins who also take up a lot of my time. In the morning, before my husband leaves for work I have a bowl of cereal and some OJ. If I have time, I cut up some carrot & celery sticks to munch on during the day, sometimes with dip or cream cheese. I usually have fresh fruit available to pick at too, if not I open a can of fruit. I may also make a sandwich or two for later and put them into the fridge. I have a supply of muslie bars for quick snacks. I try to eat when I am breastfeeding as it is probably the only time I get to sit down. I don't prepare tea until my husband gets home and can look after the twins, or a lot of the time he cooks dinner. If I need to be in the kitchen preparing food, I sit the babies in their highchairs in the kitchen with me. I hope this helps.

Tammy, mum of twins, Madeline & Patrick

Go out and buy yourself frozen meals ie( Lean cusine meals etc, they are small but filling great for lunch)
They are good for you and only take 6 minutes in the microwave.
Inbetween feeds surely your bubs sleeps so make the time to sit and enjoy a meal.
I found when I was breastfeeding, plus running a business this worked for me. I was also very hungry when breastfeeding so snacks also where the go. I ate like dietbetics do six small meals a day. Fruit, cheese, banana smoothies etc. I had to fuel up.
You cant run a car on no fuel so you cant be expected to do the same.
I also took in vitamins I checked with the pharmacy at the Womens and childrens hospital because I was breastfeeding. This helped.

Hope this helps you.


another thing you could try is when you have a spare moment or two once bubs has gone to bed, make up a quiche or something and store it in the freezer in portions, so that all you have to do is pop it in the microwave and warm it up. Atleast you'll know how heathly and organic it is smile

I was also told that eating every 3 or 4 hours keeps up your metabolism and it seems to be helping my mum loose weight too. smile
Firstly i want to say congratulations on having succeded in breast feeding for that amount of time.
As i bottle fed and couldnt feed her myself i had a lil more time but not heaps.
i would make meals of spagetti bolognaise, stews and soups in big batches and freeze in portions then u just defrost and heat in microwave while bub feeds or u do some houswork, i also kept a good supply of fruit and vegies cans of soup frozen dinners and cold cuts.

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

this is a tough one and I think all new mums probably neglect themselves at the expense of everyone else in the family! Some things we've done which really help me: hubby cuts up carrot sticks for me every morning when he is packing his lunch; I bought a slow cooker (throw things in during the morning and turn it on about lunch time); definitely eat lots of healthy snacky things - dried apricots, dried apples, prunes, nuts, cheese cubes, muesli bars etc. Make big quiches or vege slices or lasagne and keep serves in the fridge so that you have something yummy for lunch. Put your bub in a highchair while you eat or prepare food, they like being up and watching what is going on....happy eating. smiles, kath

mama to Ruby, born in March 2003

I found the easiest thing to do was to make up small meals for the next day and store them in a tupperware container in the fridge or pantry. So every morning I would just get up and take the lid of my cerael bowl and add the milk then maybe have some muffins handy near the toaster or some fruit sitting near my cereal bowl. I also feed bub his custard when I ate my meals. If I didn't get time I would ask Hubby to take bub so I can make time or I would tell him what I wanted and he would do it for me. Also when I got time I would cook up big pots of meals and divide them into chinese take away containers and store them in the freezer like regular TV dinners. It saved alot of time in the long run not to mention alot of unnessary stress. I always got in and did alot of cooking while I had family and friends visitng too as they kept bub entertained for me.


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