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distructive child at 5 1/2months Lock Rss

hi all,
my boy is becoming distructive (well what i would call distructive behaviour) Every day if we leave him in the cot for too long he rolls around enough to get right to the edge and pull at the cot bumpers and play with them (im scared he will choke on the ties so i have removed them now)
The play gym that they lay under, he has a normal one and a tunnel one. with the tunnel when he is under it he kicks it and pushes it over until there is nothing for him to play with any more and he has a cry. With the normal "stand" play gym he rolls over to his side and bites/sucks on the bars then manages some how to tip it over.
And lastly - today while in the high chair i put this clown toy infront of him and he was having a bit of a play with it then he picked this clown up and literally threw it at the floor! I couldnt believe my eyes because it is a heavy toy.
Is this child bored? or is he going through a stage... he cant sit by him self yet, and he cant crawl yet - im hoping when he can do these things he wont be like this. what to do??? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06


i dont know if i can really help you...but i really think its just a stage hes going through..hes most likely teething which explains him wanting to chew on everything...

my daughter is nearly 11 months and still pulls on her cot bumper she cuddles it now and goes to sleep with it...i think its not going to hurt her and if it keeps her quiet then so be

hes learning alot of new skills and hes putting them into action lol..which is why hes throwing his toys..
when my daughter learnt how to pick things up and throw or drop them she was constantly doing was fun for her...

im sure he'll grow out of them soon... smile

good luck!

renee 23, rod 25, DD 5/9/04, DS 22/7/07

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