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not keen for sex Lock Rss

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I feel the same way about sex and my bub is 5 months

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Bj17,

Its quite normal not to feel like having sex after the exhauting job of child birth! And its a changing experience that really does affect your hormones and I hope that you dont feel pressure or bad about not having sex with your partner.

Please dont feel afraid to explain to your partner the way you are feeling and I'd visit a health clinic (with your partner) to discuss this matter and your concerns. Of course it will be great to have your partner there to support you.

You can always try food suppliments or vitamins or ask your doctor what kinds of foods should you be looking at to build your libido or sex drive. If this feeling of not being interested in having sex is not just physical but rather emotionally then if I may advise you to talk to a councellor. Please dont feel offended by my advise, its only a suggestion and it is worth some consideration. Likewise, these feelings may subside with time.

I am concern that after 7 months it still hurts when you have sex, I think that about 3 months after birth your body starts to recover and at latest I'd think is 6 months. I'd go to a clinic that specialise in this area to get a more precise opinion. Like a woman's health clinic. Theres no harm to seeking more then one or two professional opinion.

I'd be sure to get it check out again as a safety precaution. But please dont be alarm by this, some woman feel discomfort (a pain like feeling, pulling or scretching) during sex a year after child birth and something that we all have to realise is sex will never be the same as it is before we had a baby.

All we can really do is find new ways of sharing our love with our partner and its always exciting to discover new experiences. In my opinion, as much as we all like to think that love in a relationship is based on the feelings we feel for our loved ones, sex contributes to any healthy relationship as it is an intiimacy that we shared with our partner.

A successful relationship is based on three main factors: emotional love (heart, butterfly in the stomach, feelings like joy and happiness), mental love (thoughts & thinking) & physical love (sex, touching, holding hands etc) and yes "sex" is a part of it.

We need all these factors to make a relationship as health as possible and its continue growth and when it comes to love I feel that anything is worth the effort and time investment.

I hope that this will help you. My best wishes and please take care,

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