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Weight Loss Here I Come Lock Rss

Hi All,

I have decided to use this thread as a way for me to stay commited to my weight loss effort (this will be attempt 4 for me since I had #1 child, Hayley).

A little history, before falling pregnant I lost 37kgs over 12 months. And then, put most of it back on whilst pregnant (I hate that wink )

In my previous weight loss efforts I found posting on the net and participating in a forum was helpful, so here I am.

NOW... I don't have the courage to list my weight yet... But I will soon. But to paint a picture of the size if problem, my goal is to be 95kgs by December 21st.

I am going to exercise daily and eat healthily, like I did prior to falling pregnant...

Feel free to jump on board and share the ride....

Actually, I will list my weight, if I am going to do this I need to do it right. So here it is: 113.3kgs. WAH!!!!! sad

So here goes...... And wish me luck!!!!

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

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Hi Mandy,

I know the feeling. I am of small built and weigh a healthy 50kgs after being a skinny 45kgs for a few years but when I was pregnant I gained 25kgs!

My body of course couldnt handle the stress of this massive gaining of weight over a short period of time so as you can imagine the uneven contribution of body fat!

I imediately drop 10kgs after the birth of my baby (with the baby's weight, water bag etc) and at three months I managed to lose another 5 kgs (by working out and eating healthy) so my goal then was to lose the extra 10kgs.

Nowadays I find it difficulty to lose the extra weight considering the hectic life we mother's have (being a mum, cleaner, wife and the list goes on) Losing weight for me is like a game of snakes and ladders, weigh goes up, weight goes down.

This thread would be a good motivation for anyone wanting to lose weight as we all need a little encouragement.

Any tips would be good, excercise programs, food and nutrient consumption etc.. so any one with any tips or advise please post on this thread!

By the way, joining Fernwood theres not joining fees only till the end of this month though (i think, just came into mind, not sure if this was the incentive but its something to save money!) for any one whos interested.

Take care and best wishes!

Hi Mandy,

GOOD LUCK! I wish i could be as inspired as you are .. I gained 10kgs which I want to lose too .. but I never seem to get enough energy or motivation to do anything! And since the weather hasn't been all that good too makes it worse!

But I will try and follow in your footsteps and start losing weight soon as well!!!
Good on you . (ps, please ignore my silly message title, it refers to my son).

You can do it. I was about 78 kg after having my son 5 months ago and now i am down to 67kg, the upper end for my height.

tip 1) get yourself a treadmill so you don't have to feel conscious outdoors

tip 2) Try a calorie control diet company - i have and they work (I didn't like Lite n Easy though).

tip 3) Picture the fat you are burning as you exercise, imagine it as the enemy which you are annihilating.

tip 4) Make the time for yourself. Bub must allow u to.

Good luck! smile)

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