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Periods? Lock Rss

How long did it take for your periods to become regular again after you stopped b/f?

Jessica 01/02/04, Lily 05/12/06, Zoe 15/07/08

hi lisam6 - I can't help you sorry! I'm still waiting for mine to sort themselves out, i'm interested in what everone might have to say though!! I have had three since baby girl was born, she weaned herself (a whole other story) about a month ago - i had two periods before she weaned. Every period i have had so far has been differnt, time, length everything! It's confusing isn't it. I hope that you get an answer that might be able to help you though.


I am also having irrg periods. I had one 2 months ago back at end of may for about 6 days. I just had a show a week ago but that only lasted 2 days! Weird! I used to have really heavy periods that would last 2 weeks and now nothing! I am not preggys again but am so outta kilt. Dd goes in for her 10mths menzb shot tomorrow so i'll query then. I didn't have any periods while I was feeding her and now virtially nothing. i know in my self that I am not preggy again but what the **** is going on?

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

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Hi there
I got myn a month after stopping bf and now like everyone there all overe the place and extreamy heavy cant wait for a bit of normality
I'm glad someone asked. Mine too are all over the shop. I'm still BFing and have had two and a show but they have been so light and only four days. (which is good if it stays the same) but they were at 4months, six months then two weeks later for a few days just light though. What's the go? I didn't think you got them when you bf but guess I was wrong. SO interested in what happens and when it goes back to normal.

*Love my babies*

well I have been BF for 7 months and still no period..... hope they come soon as we are trying for another baby and have no idea when we should be trying to conceive!
I was wrong if your periods are irrg and you are concerned go to your doctors and have some blood tests. I did and it turned out that I am pregnant again!

Sharr I got my first period after I stopped bf and it was my only one . If you want to conceive you may not be able to while you are bfing.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

Oh wow. Congrats Megan. Hopefully cos I'm still bfing and got irrg ones then it's just what happens. I'd love to be pregnant again but I do think my body needs a break. There's only 14months between mine at the moment. We toyed with having another straight away but thought a bit of a gap might be better. So you'll have to let us know how far along you are.

*Love my babies*

it's great reading everyone elses posts, as it makes me feel normal! my little girl is 11months old and i havent had a period or anthing that resembles a period yet.
From 7 mths i was down to 2 b/f's a day and she weaned herself at 9 1/2mths..
i was starting to get a little worried, but i guess all bodies are different.

wow i think i may be the longest...still b/f but still nil bleed for over 14 monthes..should i be concerned?? hmm i may go see doc soon..oh i am not preg..u gotta have sex for that lol!!! xjx

Oh you lucky girls. I have my period and my daughter is 3mths. I'm fully breastfeeding. Although I did miss having the pill twice and bled. But I concernly have it now but no period pains at all so thats what im finding a little weird. I hope Im getting my period cos of the pill and now that I've stopped taking it completely stop I am lucky like you - jacksheretoo.

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