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Mother-less mummy Lock Rss

hi all.
im sorry, ive been feeling a bit down lately, and just looking for a bit of support (if any can be given.) i was wondering if there were any mothers out there without mummys of there own. i have a beautiful baby boy Reilly 4 months now. and some days i just find it so hard to cope with out her guidence, advice and comfort. i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how they work through it.
thanks again.

Hi to you! Sorry, no i can't help with advice on that but just to let you know I've read your post and feel for you. I'm certain you'll get some advice and support here soon. Enjoy your beautiful boy won't you?!
Warm fuzzies to you.....

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I know how you feel. My mother died when i was 15years old, and although i miss her all the time, its even harder now because all i want to do is so off my little man (who is also 4mths) I know my mum would be proud.

As for support i am really lucky i have my sisters and hubbys family for that.

Have you tried the Child Health Nurses, I find them great for support and advice and they may be able to help you join a mums group, which is also another great way to get support and make new friends.

Im lucky because 5 of my friends had babies within months of Jesse, we meet once a week for lunch and it really helps being able to compare and ask questions on silly little things.

Hope you get the support you need soon.

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Hey there,
I do feel for you and sort of understand how you feel. My mum died when I was just over a year old, so it is really hard not knowing the wonderful woman that gave me life. I don't know when you lost your mum, sounds like you still got to know her, so there are difficulties in both our situations. My dad remarried and I have other siblings now that I love so much, but even though my stepmum really looked after me, it was still never the same as the affection was not there like it was for my brother and sister.
I too feel down many days. I would love to have known her. I always talk to her in my head though, and she still guides me because I imagine that she would give me positive advice and I follow it. I want to ask her things, but I can't. I wish she was around for her grandson, like my husbands mum is. When my MIL tells me stories about her pregnancy with my husband, I get sad as I don't know how my mum's pregnancy was with me, whether i was born naturally, whether I cried alot, breastfed etc..
I find that the days when I am alone or bored, I think more ... and then I end up being stressed and depressed, so I just try and keep busy as much as I can. I don't know what advice to offer you, I just hope that you have wonderful memories of your mum that you can cherish forever, and just know in your heart that she would be proud of you and your little boy - her grandson. Take care xox

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