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control freak?? Lock Rss

my DD is 13 months and i am a very happy to stay at home mum. DH is a very attentive and loving father and husband and gives me lots of help and support he works long hours though and is really tired in the evenings, never too tired for play and cuddles with DD. i have nothing to complain about really!
BUT.. recently i have felt more and more like i've put myself in a corner where, because i do almost everything for my daughter i dont trust others to do it. like making her bottle, putting her to bed, choosing her clothes, making sure she has enough to eat, having her naps on time. i am a complete control freak! in-laws and my mum look after her regularly but not for long periods and when they have her i have everything organised for her. its not that her routine is regimented to a t, it really isn't! its more that i have to do things so i know they're done right or even just that they're done.
i'm finding myself really tired at the moment and have had a couple of really down days in the last few weeks, getting a bit angry and wishing for a sleep in. i think i need a break!
just wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing or any advice on how i can relax and let go a bit?
any advice gratefully accepted!!

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

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