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What happens next? Lock Rss

My daughter is now 13 weeks and we are in a good routine (feeding every 3 hours and sleeps 8 - 9 hours at night). However I was wondering what happens next and when. I know that they will stay up for a bit longer and maybe have less naps during the day but each nap being longer. But when does this happen?
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Our babies must be about the same age.

SLEEPING - Mine started waking in the night again. Others said that might happen. But she seems to have settled back in to her routine again. I just let her sleep when she wants to. With my older daughter I started enforcing a bedtime and nap times about 18mths when she understood the concept. I'm blessed tho, both my children would happily sleep in the pram, car or anywhere.

FEEDING - I'm breastfeeding so I won't be introducing solids till at least six months. I'm finding she is feeing less often (either less times a day or shorter feed each time) This is because she is efficient at sucking and gets more quicker but also is starting to get distracted.

GROWING - The main thing I have noticed is she is starting to grow out of her 000 outfits but I don't want to get 00's in winter items cause she won't get the usage due to seasons changing. She is also in between nappy sizes. I have her in infant nappies which fit good but are working out very expensive but she is not quite big enough for crawler.

DEVELOPMENT - She knows her hands very well and likes holding her head up when on her tummy. She likes to try and sit forward in the pram no matter how forward I adjust the back to. She is just starting to grasp the concept of her legs and how they help her to roll.

ME - I am really enjoying my baby. I love how she looks at me and how she likes to have little 'chats'. When I look at my 5yo I can't believe how much she has grown and how quickly. I'm cherishing every moment I have with little bubba. I'm glad to be getting a little more sleep and I'm trying to get into a two children family routine.. i'm so NOT a routine person.

My cousin has a baby boy who is 15 weeks older than my bubba. It is interesting to see her doing the things that he was doing when she was born and although I have an older child its great to see what 'comes next' each week when I catch up with my cousin. But I think Its also good to keep in touch with someone who has a child the same age too. Hopefully we can keep in touch.

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