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need help about implanon. Lock Rss

hey gals,
I was just wondering if anyone who has the implanon had really severe mood swings and was put off any intimacy with it?
I found that be4 i had the implanon I was really lovin towards my partner but I can't even bear him huggin' me nemore and it's not very good for our relationship and he gets really hurt cos he thinks it's him. Also the mood swings are incredible I find I get really violent (not towards my baby towards my partner) and start screaming and crying this is also effecting my relationship.
any help would be great cos I really dont wanna feel like this anymore.=) and does anyone think I should get it removed?
hi jessa,
yes i tries the implanon too...and found the mood swings horrific! when i had it removed it waslike a huge weight was off my shoulders.
the other side effect i had was bleeding, i didnt bleed at all for the first few months, then it was non-stop for 3 weeks, then a weeks break then 3 weeks again. i thought it taken out!

now i just want to have my tubes tied so i dont have to have any hormones put in me!
hey, i had implanon and would never have even bothered if i knew the problems it could cause. alot of my friends wouldn't use it again either. i've just had my third and last baby and had my tubes tied during a c-section. i could never remember to take the pill and depo involved needles.
i hope you find something that helps.

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