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Baby sleeping bags-do they help??? Lock Rss

My little boy has been waking me at night for the last month or so after sleeping quite well before. He can now roll himself onto his tummy and move all over the cot. I still wrap him (he's 8 mnths) but he now gets the wrap off and kicks off the sheets and blankets even though I tuck them in. I logged onto the baby sleepers web site yesterday to see about buying one but I noticed that the gro bags are about $70-$80 each. I don't mind paying that if it will help but I don't want to buy one and find that he wont use it or it doesn't make a difference. Has it worked for anyone out there???

Courtney NSW 8mth baby boy

My little girl is only 3mths old but has been using a sleeping bag for about 1.5 mths now and its done wonders she was always kicking off the wraps and blankets and being in Victoria it has been fairly cool. I didn't buy a gro bag though (seeing I was just trying), I just went to one of the local baby specialty stores and grabbed one made by SH -OOSH for about $20 and I will go back and buy a gro bag.
So maybe try a cheaper alternative to gro bag first and if it works get the gro bag.

Deb, Vic

Hi, they didn't help me!! We still went awol everynight! But don't spend $70-80, you can buy them for $15-20 at Target, Big W, Woolworths etc..Or if your handy with a sewing machine (or know somebody else that is) they are quite easy to make.
Lots of luck

mum of 1

I've only just started using one, but it seems great so far (and she looks so cute in it!)
I'm like you though, I looked at the website and wasn't sure about the price. I've got a cheap one someone lent me at the moment, and I'm going to make her some more myself.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

Hi, we bought ds a baby sleep bag when he was 5months from target ($23) and its fantastic, we made sure we bought a really big one and he still uses it now (he is 15months) and he loves it and feels more secure when he sleeps.

mum to nicholas (05/12/02)

Hi Courtney,
I recently purchased a gro bag. I bought one of the sale items so I got it a little cheaper. It is the best thing I ever did. It is big enough to still fit her up to 3.5 yrs old if i want. Well that's what the size states. I now have no blankets on the bed, only the fitted sheet on the mattress and so far DD has slept really well. Fingers crossed it continues smile

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

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