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Anyone used or using Tizzie Hall? Lock Rss

My boy is 13 days old. So far i am ok with getting a routine but alot of ppl have commented on tizzie hall. I had such problems with my first with sleeping thru that I am desperatly trying to do the right thing this time round. Already established sleeping on his own and goin to sleep on his own. Just wndering about the tizzie hal routines and if they r worth purchasing?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I have been using Tizzie's routines from when Matt was just beginning solids and found it to be great! My friend and I shared the cost - we have bubs the same age. Both of us will be using her routines right from the beginning with our next bubs. The routines and information are very simple and easy to change to accommodate your day. I also had an issue with some info and wrote to Tizzie's team. They replied very quickly and cleared up my misunderstanding. I bought a package for babies on solids and it was much cheaper than buying individual bits. I'm not upset with my purchase. It was about the same cost of a book and all the information was very practical and relevant.


Hi Ashtonsmum & Mum2Jack
My Hannah is now 14 months and I have been on Tizzie's routines since she was approx 7 months. I started late and used Tizzie because Hannah had so many probs sleeping day and night. I was desperate.
The previous ladies who wrote were right Tizzie routines are worth the money and she does know her stuff. With my 2nd (which I preg with currently) I will start baby from pretty much birth. Babies should sleep pretty well in the first couples of months because they have not yet started sleeping in cycles but when they do if there is no routine then I have realised "Its Awful". Iv'e been there. Her routines are fantastic and her advice worth every penny, only thing is you have to work thru the hard time's (and for me and Hannah starting a routine late and taking dummie away was darn rough on both of us) and be dedicated. Within 3-4 weeks there were huge changes in her sleeping patterns. My hope is that by starting a routine sooner with my 2nd and not introducing a dummie I will deal better with being a mum of 2.
You do what feels right for both of you and baby. Tizzies routine and advice was gold for me.
Good luck and I hope this helps.

Deb,PER, 14mth Baby

I bought Tizzie's package deal ($16US/$22AUS) and had basically thrown it out the window in two days. I wasn't happy with her VERY strict routines. While she did give me alot of tips on settling and the idea of a routine, it seemed to stuff us up more than I thought it would. Jebs was sleeping though the night most nights from around 4/5 weeks and as soon as I started tizzies routine he started waking up for a feed around 3am again even though he was doing a "dreamfeed'(a feed at 10:30pm where you pick up a sleeping bub and offer then a boob/bottle and put them back down without them really waking up) which he hardly drank anything then anyway because he's a bit of a lazy/sleepy feeder. The she tells you that you have to adhere very strictly to her routine to make it work ie feed at7am for 'x'amount of mins on left breast then'x' mins on right breast express up to 'y'ml of milk now, play with bub 'til 8:45am then wrap and place in bed awake to self settle, then WAKE UP BUB at 11am for next feed etc.... This is where I think she is pushing the routine part abit to much. I've always been told to leave sleeping babies sleep.
Now I'm not saying that these routines wouldn't work for you or other bubs but it didn't sit well with my little man. Now I've stopped the strictness he's sleeping through again after stopping after 2 days of her routine it took him another 4 days to get backto sleeping through. I will say that her routines and settling tips gave me very good base to work off to start our own routine. Jeb did take very well to feeding every 4 hours, then playing for about 1-2 hours then having about a 1-2 hour sleep but he refuses to go to bed earlier than 9/10pm. He sleeps well during the day but he only sometimes has a nap while we have our tea then has his last feed then off to bed to sleep through.
Basic if you want to TRY to have a strict routine go for it, but you and your bub know best. Maybe buy her routine and do what I did and just use it to base your own life around it, get some useful tips along the way but don't force something on the two of you if it doesn't feel right.
Hope my rambling make sense and helps. smile
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