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Hi,my name is Leanne and I have a 6 months old baby girl Breanna.I have been haveing trouble with her sleeping she only sleeps about 30 min a day,she does sleep through the night but it is just getting her to sleep.I would like any ideas about how to get her to sleep during the day and how to get her to sleep at night with out any fuss.Thanks Leanne

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay


I once took Ryan to a sleep and settling clinic called possum cottage. They really help to teach you the settling techniques that you need to get your little one to sleep and they also teach you how to re settle when they wake and need more sleep. I don't know which state you are from but this is in NSW. I'm sure if you contact your early childhood clinic they can give you the number of a place just like this. They can really help you. Hope all goes well and I was some help.

Courtney NSW 8mth baby boy

Hi Leanne

Well honey I know how your feeling my daughter Ava is now 6 months but it's only in the last month thats she's started to sleep. I said enough was enough when it got to the stage of her waking every 15mins thru the night, I was pulling my hair out.
We tried everything from seeing a Chiro to having a sleep specialist out to see her and spending somewhere about $1000 we were so desperate but still nothing worked.
Then I heard about a video called "It's time to sleep" a bought a copy over the net and couldn't believe how quickly and effectivley it worked.
Ava now sleeps from 7pm thru til 4am, has a feed and then sleeps thru til 8am.
From memory the video cost about $40 and is available from

Hope this helps you, let me know how you go
thanks for your idea I have been in touch with a sleep clinic called the riverton centre and breanna and myself are going for a 4 day stay so lets hope we can get her sleepping soon

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

Hi Leanne,

I was wondering how you arranged your stay with Riverton. Did you just call and asked for a booking ?

I would be interested to know as I may need to try controlled crying soon and would love some support for the first couple of nights.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi, I was given a referral by my health nurse i was told there was a liong waiting list but i have only been waiting for 2 weeks good luck leanne

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

Hi dont worry im going through the sme thing now.I have a 6 and a half month old girl who has been doing this for 4 months now.

A good idea I heard is to put buba in the pram and turn the pram towards the sun, don't have the sun directly on baby's face, pull the pram shade over, but baby like us can not look at the sun for long and will close it's eyes against the glare, once eyes are closed they fall asleep.

It worked for a friend of mine, though I don't know if it is good for their little eyes, though it did not take little Andrew long to fall asleep in the sunshine.....
I have a theory. I never pulled the curtains in my daughters room during the day when she has her sleep. Now when the curtains are pulled across she nows it is night time and sleeps 12 hours instead of 3. If I have ever pulled them during the day she won't sleep.
Just my theory may not work for everyone.
Good luck


if you are not still wrappng your baby this may work though my son does not like his arms being wrapped so i half wrap him which i have found works as i have just started controlled crying.

cindy, NSW, 8mth baby boy

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Hi Toni

It's all well and good to say "listen to your baby" but babies are alot smarter than you believe. We were having terrible trouble getting my daughter Ava to sleep, it got to the stage where she was waking every 15 mins and howling like she was dying. The minute we'd go into her she'd start laughing, take her dummy and back to sleep she'd go for another 15 minutes. She'd always be changed, fed, burped etc etc but the fact of the matter is SHE WAS PLAYING US!! She wasn't silly she knew the minute she woke up that's all she had to do was cry and we'd be there. We bought a video created by a mothercraft nurse who taught the method of controlled comforting rather than controlled crying. The first night to our total amazement Ava slept from 7pm thru to 3am without waking once or if she did wake she put herself straight back to sleep.
The result.....Ava is an independent sleeper who has NEVER had to be brought into bed with us to ensure a good nights sleep.
Obviously the first thing to do is to check whether you babies needs are met, once all those things are satisfied you have to take a look at the situation and ask yourself is my baby CONTROLING ME??? In Ava's situation the answer was defiantly yes!!! I don't think the technique was "crap" but defining it "a form of child abuse" that's what's crap.
At three years old my mum would have to tie my door shut to ensure I stayed in bed. I do not have any memories of this happening and find it really funny that my mum had to go to these extraordinary lengths.
As for your friend I wouldn't be too worried about her having to afford therapy, her son won't need any nor have any recollection of the event.
You sound like a great mum and I'm happy that your methods have worked well with your children, however where other peoples children are concerned you shouldn't criticize. I know for a fact that your methods would DEFINATLEY NOT have worked for my daughter and she would have seized the opportunity to take advantage of you.
As for those "so called experts" they deserve all the money they get and more. Where you've only had three children they have probably dealt with three thousand. Before Ava began sleeping I was so sleep deprived that I was irrational, teary, inpatient and therefore not such a great mum to Ava. Watching that video made by one of these "so called experts" not only saved my life and sanity but also has made me a much better mum and I guarantee there are hundreds of mums out there that will vouch for that.
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