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Wrapping Lock Rss


My daughter Ava is now six and a half months she's started sleeping really well but she has to be wrapped to do so.
We live in Perth and the weather at the moment is scorching. In the past few days Ava has come out in a really bad sweat rash on her back therefore I'd prefer not to wrap her anymore.
I tried putting her to sleep without her wrap today but after mins of me putting her down I heard her crying, I went in to find her in the crawling position at the top of her cot.
How can I get her to sleep without the wrap????? I find that wrapping her not only makes her feel secure but also restrains her from moving around to much.
Are there any other options?????

If so I'd love to hear from you

Have you tried just giving her the wrap to hold? You can also just give her a corner to hold onto and loosely drape the wrap over her so that she can wriggle out from under it when she's ready. That's what I did with Madison and now she just likes to hold onto it for security.
Hi Sian,
Try wrapping her in a thin material, like cheese cloth. The air will still be able to get in and allow her skin to breath. Also start wrapping her a little looser each day until she is only just having the wrapped drapped over her, then once she is asleep, try taking it off her all together. It will take a little time and patience, but she will get there. Good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

have you tried a sleeping bag, there are light ones for hot weather available.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old


I have 3 kids who all loved being wrapped. My youngest is nearly 4 months old and won't go to sleep without it. I went down to the material shop...spotlight..lincraft etc, and bought 6 metres of muslin. Its a really lightweight material. I cut it up into about 1 metre lengths, so it will be big enough when he's older, and stitched the edges (you can avoid stitching the edges though as muslin doesn't fray very much). I wrap him in this and he doesn't have a problem with sweating or rashes anymore.

Hope this helps.


My daughter is six months old and started get out of her wrap and not resettling. I didn't know what to do as she just wouldn't sleep without it!

I purchased a product called safetsleep (from babies galore). It is hard to describe how it works but check out their website - It worked the first time I used it. I love it and will use it from day one with the next one.

Please let me know how you go.

Good luck.
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