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Back from the sleep clinic Lock Rss

Matthew and I graduated from the sleep clinic today! We went cold turkey and took the dummy away. I had a feeling that it was causing problems but had no idea of the change we would have without it. Matthew has gone from waking constantly to waking for a dream feed and then self settling for the rest of the night. For the first time in 6 months, I had a 5 hour stretch of sleep and feel like a new woman. All 8 babies in his group left today WAY better sleepers than the beginning of the week. We just have to hope that the good nights will continue while we are at home. I have the confidence now to continue with what they did at the clinic. They say the two most important things are being persistant and consistant. We still have a long way to go with self settling during the day after one sleep cycle, but I can already see improvements. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone!!!


That is fantastic news Ange! Gives the rest of us hope that there is help out there and these sleep problems can be solved. I was thinking my Jack is waking up for the dummy because as i mentioned previously, he didn't take the dummy until about 3.5 months and before that he slept fine, only waking once for a feed at 2am. Since having the dummy he wakes approx 6 times a night looking for it. (I still only feed him once)
He is now 5.5 months so i haven't had a good night sleep in ages !! The dummy is not his only problem, i have been letting him fall asleep at the breast etc but i think removing the dummy would be a big help.
Anyway i am so pleased for you that the sleep clinic has helped. I am also booked into one in Perth but it's a one month wait..hope i can survive that long !

All the best...hope you get some well earned sleep now.

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