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bumbing head!! Lock Rss

Hi. My boy is 10 weeks today and in my room. I hate the cradle as he rolls heaps and ends up on the bars. He did this from 2 weeks old. Due to not being able to use bumpers, he sometimes has marks on his head from it. I dont know whether the cot will help this or not but am looking for advice!! I think he might be a little young to be in a huge cot but am looking for the problem to be solved? Any help would be appreciated. He sleeps all night most nights from 7pm to 7am!!!


Hi,My DD was in a cot from birth,you could by a snuggle bed to put him in till he get's a little bigger,i think the brand is tetra(not quite sure,but it's something like that)you just put it in the cot & he sleeps in it,they have a tea tree filling specially for new babies!!
Hope this helps

my son would push himself up to the top of his bassinet until his head hit the top, when he was 10 weeks we just popped him into a cot and he loves the extra room. i think he felt to confined in the bassinet as now he sleeps all night

I have a long removable bolt that goes thru the cradle stand and into the base of the cradle itself so that it won't swing when the baby moves so they don't end up rolling to one side. If your son is moving there on his own, you could try a body support. I have one from Safe N Sound that cost $29. It is made up of two material covered foam cylinders that go either side of your baby's abdomen (it's adjustable for size too) and the cylinders are joined under your baby by material. Your baby can be put on their back or their side and they can't go anywhere.

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

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