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My Little Houdini Rss

Hey all,

My 12 week old darling daughter has become a baby Houdini and started waking me up several times each night because she has managed to unwrap herself out of her cotton wrap AND pushed her blanket right down to the bottom of her bassinette....leaving her only in what she's wearing.

I have tried putting her in the sleeping bag I bought for her awhile back but she hasn't slept well at all in it and I presume it's because she still needs that 'wrapped snug' feel. However, I'm in a bit of a Catch-22 as she still needs to be wrapped yet can 'break out' of her wrap so easily.

The nights have become a constant wrapping session every 10 minutes, it's driving me nuts!

I remember one of the midwives wrapping only her arms when she was like a day old in the Birthing Centre, in order for me to feed her from the cup (had latching-on issues hence I had to use the cup for a little bit) but I can't for the life of me remember how to do it! I was thinking of getting her into her sleeping bag and wrapping her arms only to see if this helps.

Any other suggestions! Or anyone know how to do the wrap I described above?
Hi there!
That sounds tiresome, having 2 get up so much! I don't know if this complies with the sids guidelines or if it will work: A friend of mine used 2 leave her daughters arms inside her outfit so that they were in close 2 her body still (just dont pull the arms through the sleeves). This kept her warm and preventing escaping. I hope that helps a bit. Also I have heard that you can get some special sleeping bags, i think they are called 'grobags' or something....
Hope this helped.
Good luck!

My DD was like this and at 8 weeks we stopped wrapping her, I figured if she continually struggled to get free of it she didnt want to be wrapped so we dressed her in appropriate clothes for the weather and would cover her with a blanket tucked in very tightly in winter.

There are lots of other reasons she could be waking, one could be she's waking herself trying to get out of the wrap, having a growth spurt unsettles routines and sometimes for no apparent reason they start waking more frequently.

By three months though you dont have to wrap them for sleep, maybe she's just over it smile
Hey guys,

Will try leaving her arms in the sleeping bag...see if that works. Thanks for that! The bag I have is pretty much identical to a Grobag.

Ava'sMummy, you could be right in that she might be restless for other reasons as she still seems to like the wrapped-up feeling (she starts to settle whenever I put her down and start wrapping her for bed). I would love it if she was over it, as it'll be nice to be able to put her in her sleeping bag and not have to fiddle around with wraps and keeping her arms down all the time!
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