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is 6pm too early? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I found that since Olivia was about 7 or 8 weeks old, she would happily start her night-time sleep at around 6pm. I would take her downstairs when her tired signs started (at around 5.15pm) and then give her a bath, pyjamas, and feed and i could be guaranteed that by 6 she would be sound asleep.

All other sleeps during the day would last an hour or so, but when we did the 6pm one, she would stay asleep for ages. I didn't complain since it meant i had 3 hours to myself since I'd got to bed somewhere between 9 and 9.30pm (since I'd have been busy with her all day and then of course I was on call all night (nope, i don't have a partner who is fussed about getting up at night).

She was sleeping till 3am or so, then waking again at 6am, but recently she started waking at 10pm, 2am, 4.30ish, then 6.30ish. Is 6 pm simply too early even though she just seems to be really tired soon after 5?

i'd be interested in hearing what others think

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

Hi Susan

Jessica is 6 months old and i have the same problem she is ready for bed at 5pm. I usually feed her and put her down at this time. As i also go to bed at 9.30-10pm i waker her for a feed at this time.

I know its sounds mean waking her but this way she will sleep through until about 6.30am. Jess usually only has naps during the day for an hour here and there.

Jessica is on formula are you brestfeeding?

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

every one is different. But if she starts changing her pattern and waking at night - maybe she is needing more feeds during the day? is she on solids?

I found, when my baby would wake at those times it was exhausting! i would get him up and change his nappy, sometimes to be awake with him for an hour.
But the key i think is - dont give in, because if you do let them go and play for an hour or so to look around they might start to like the stimulation. So keep persisting to put her back to sleep. Even if it is wrapped up and you rocking in a chair or patting on the arm while they are in the bed. But you have to make sure you dont encourage them to try and have fun!

Hope this is some help, but really hope you get through it! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Susan
I have a 4 and a half month old boy who goes to bed early (by 6.30pm) and wakes up early (6.30/7.00am). Michael stays awake from 3pm till 6.30pm. He has his bath, bottle (formula at night/ breastfeeding during the day), I read a story and wait for him to grizzle and yawn for bed. Sometimes you hear stories from your family who have done things differently and you have done it wrong. Look on the positive side, as I don't have to wake up Michael when he is ready to go to school. He'll be waking me up as I love my sleep.


Hi Susan,
I just thought I would let you know that I am a mom of four children aged 6, 5, 3, and four months. All of them go to bed at 6.30 and always have. the baby did start to wake up a bit after she had been sleeping all night. Normally she wouldn't have a dummy but I started to give her one when she woke up the first time (Not when she first goes to bed) and she took it. After a couple of nights of doing this she stopped waking up. The trick is to teach them how to fall asleep without any help.
For example feeding the baby to sleep usually creats a lot of problems later on because the once the baby can deliberatly wake themselves up they will, and then wonder where that nice warm boob went to or that yummy bottle.

You need to make a concious decision to change the behaviour then come up with a plan and stick to it. If you doubt yourself and don't stick to your plan (as long as it is a proven plan, talk to your child health nurse) it won't work as well. Believe that you are doing the best thing for your baby and it makes it a lot easier to stick to the plan, even if there is some crying involved.

Good luck


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