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When should I move my son into his own room? Lock Rss

My son Andrew is nine months old and still sleeps in our room by my side as he has from the day he was born. He has a gorgeous room which our friends and us did up for him, the only thing missing is Andrew. I'm not sure if I am ready to move him and I don't want to scare him and think that i'm not there in the night when he needs me. We have a baby monitor, so hearing him wont be a problem, it's just seperating him from me that i'm worried about.

What do you think and how long is too long for a baby to be in their parents room?
Hi Tanya,

I can understand exactly where you are coming from. I am very attached to my 6mth old baby as he was a sick baby and was hospitalised twice which he was 6 weeks old. However, he has always had his own room and has always slept in his cot. It was really difficult for me to leave him on his own soon after he was home from the hospital but what I did, was put a futon in his room so when I need to feel close to him I can go and lay down in his room. I did that last night in fact I do that when he isn't well so I can keep a close eye on him.

I think you should move your son to his own room as soon as possible, so he can start to get to know his room. My 6mth old son knows his room and loves his room.

Hope that helps you.


Mum to toddler

well my daughter only ever slept in our room for about 1 week and then she was in the lounge just out side our door so i could still here her my b/f couldnt sleep with her in our room and then she went into her own room soon after and she loves her room she is always sneaking in there to get into stuff she really loves her room. your son will soon get used to his own room he will proberly love it. anyway let us know how he goes if you put him into his own room goodluck seeya nat
My daughter moved into her own room at 4 months and we found that she slept alot better, I think our sleep noises and getting up or dressed would wake her up, I also slept better because I wasnt waking to every little noise she made (like most mothers do)

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

I think it's your personal choice. My son was in a bassinette until 4 months old, for the first month I had him with me all the time - During the day in the loungeroom and at night in our room. After that during the day I would put him in his own room and at night still in our room. Somewhere between 4 - 5 months when he went into his cot he was in his own room for all his sleeps - including night. The first few nights I kept waking and going to check on him and he was fine - I think he coped with it better than me!!! Maybe just try him through the day in his own room and if he's ok start doing it at night too if you feel comfortable with it. They are a lot more aware of what's going on as they get older - my son is now 8 months old - so he might protest a bit but he could be fine. Just see how you go, I always find the slow and steady approach best.

All the best
Thankyou so much for all your help and advice.
Well I put him in his room today and he seemed to be quite happy in there. Just see how he goes tonight. As you said Jasmine, I think he will take to it better than I will. I will let you know how we go in the next few days.

Thankyou all again.
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