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is there a different way to wrap? Lock Rss

I know we have all talked about the wrap in here so many times...

But i have tried so many times not to wrap and it doesnt work so i have to keep wrapping. Kayden is now 8months and he is so much stronger! he is so clever at getting out of the wrap. I dont know how he does it, because it doesnt matter how tight or how many times it is wrapped around him he still manages to GET OUT! arghhhh, im going insane! i want someone to tell me how to do a decent wrap or how much wrap i should use (how big) i am using a cot sheet and it does seem the right size. but he manages to get out of it still.

Maybe im doing something wrong, but this is the way i wrap:
Place the sheet from the top in the middle under his neck put the sheet in a kind of criscross action over his arms tightly, i twist & lift the bottom and place that over his arms also wrap it at the back joining it and one side sticks out.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

hi Leia

we've chatted before about things my little lad is the same age as Kayden and we have just returned from a holiday in Darwin! Levi still had to be wrapped up there at night as he wouldn't settle properly - imagine that in the warm weather! I just wrapped him in a cotton jersey blanket (really light weight but stretchy) with his arms out, and that worked a treat. Since we've been home, I decided that he can get out of being wrapped, so have put him in a sleeping bag thing with arms (still too cold here - eyre peninsula) and put a rug over the top (tucked in arms out), he's nearly back to sleeping all night again. i think you mentioned in another thread that Kayden gets really hot at night, do you have a heater on at all? Not sure if you mentioned that. But perhaps he's wanting his arms out, and that does take a couple of nights for them to get used to it, try in daytime first - and just be prepared for a couple of busy kind of nights! I didn't have this problem with my daughter, she was in NICU when first born, with a GBS Sepsis infection so was plugged into every kind of monitor & life support so didn't get wrapped!! We didn't wrap her when we took her home either as she was content to be free. they're all different - and you have to be prepared to try different things.

good luck.
I have an 11 week old bub that is growing up to fast for his own good! He also has to be wrapped to have a proper sleep but he is getting out too! No matter how tight it is he just works his little arms up his body 'til they're out. I'm going to try putting him in a sleeping bag at night as he not only gets out of his wrap but kicks off all his blankets too. The way I have been taught to wrap is put the wrap down in a diamond shape put bubs head at top corner then tuck up bottom corner over legs then take right hand corner and wrap over the body and tuck under their bum and do the same with the left. I just pull the top corner under their shoulders when putting down.
I was just wondering how long most people wrap their babies for? How do you know when they're ready to not be wrapped? We live a couple hours north-west from Brisbane and it is starting to get bloody hot. During the day he goes to sleep just in his singlet and wrapped. The evenings here are just as warm but cool off alot early morning. If he is in a sleeping bag does he still need to be wrapped?
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