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trouble when company at bedtime Lock Rss

My first child Emma has just had her first birthday. The problem I'm having is that when it comes to bedtime if there's other people around it takes a lot longer and a lot more energy.
If it's just me and my two girls at home she'll have her bottle and go to sleep easily. If there is other people here she'll persist to the point of walking around like a zombie and then trying to get her to sleep is like having a wrestling match where I get hurt because she seems to find added strength.
The other thing we recently found out was that she has reflux. Is this possible to start at her age?? I've considered getting a second opinion but then the medicine I was given to use seems to help as long as there's only one person putting her to bed.
I'm a single mum but I live in a shared house at the moment so I do have help with my kids generally which is usually a good thing and only occasionally a burden.
Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

My 13 month old daughter is exactly the same - goes to bed with no problems UNLESS visitors are hear. At this age they are just inquisitive and if they have been playing with the visitors prior to bedtime then the chances of getting them to sleep is almost zip!

I just keep Madison up until the visitors leave or she actually falls asleep in someones arms.
Hi thanks for your response...I've been very strong lately with Emma and just decided she has a bedtime because we were both getting too worn out.
Emma was looking terrible and tired all the time. Now that she knows what time is bed time if she can't see me doing the normal things when we get close to the time she soon lets me know that I should be getting her into bed for the night.
We had three nights where she cried when I put her in bed and walked away. But the cries never lasted longer than 2 minutes and it was more of a sook that I'd left her.
Now she's fantastic! I just say bedtime and she's ready to go, lays down and goes to sleep.
At first I hesitated at doing this but now that I've seen how easily it works I'm so glad I did.
The reflux was only a spontaneous thing and she hasn't any more problems with that.
Take care.

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Hi Mandy,

So glad to hear things have improved for you. I find it amazing that if i stick to my daughters normal bedtime routine, visitors or not, no probs. If i let her stay up late, she fights going to bed.

Glad the reflux is better,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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