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How old is too old to rock to sleep? Lock Rss

Georgia is nearly 6months old and we have always rocked her to sleep in our arms. As she is getting bigger and heavier it would be good if she went down with just patting.

We have tried that and controlled crying, I am wondering if I need to worry just yet or if I am getting her into a bad habit of falling asleep?

Does anyone else still rock their baby to sleep? was it hard for anyone to wean them off it if they chose to stop?


Hi,well I know what that is like Breanna is 7 month old and I rocked her to sleep I did not think that this would be a problem until I ask my child health nurse,she told me that I had to stop this because as she got older it would take longer and longer to get her to sleep at night she gave me a rifferal to a place called the Riverton Centre Breanna and I went and speant a week there last week I was very nervous about going.But I am so glad that I went Breanna is putting herself to sleep now and she also sleeps during the day now they taught me so much and helped me with Breanna the change is 100% .I am not sure where you come from but if you give this number a call 07 38783690 it is the number for child health it is a 24 hour phone line they may be able to help you,let me know how you go Good luck Leanne

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

sorry i gave you the fax number the phone number is38622333

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

hi well i stopped rocking my daughter to sleep a long time ago and it is such a bad habit to get into because then you have to get them out of it i now just put my daughter in her cot tuck her in and leave her and if she dosent go off i sometime give her a little pat and then she will go off. hope everything goes well
I too made the mistake of rocking my 5 month old to sleep in his im regretting it.
Even if I do get him into bed asleep he will wake up and want to go in the bouncer...only when his been in the bouncer for an hour or so can I put him in bed (once his deeply asleep).
Settling school sound the go..I am going to call them tomorrow!!
I didn't have this problem myself, 'cos my sister in law had a baby a year before me, and she rocked her baby to sleep and had heaps of trouble, so I learnt the easy way that I shouldn't do it. My sister in law eventually used controlled crying when her baby was about 8 months old. Within a week or two of starting controlled crying, her baby was sleeping right through the night instead of waking every two to three hours. It might feel awful while you are doing the controlled crying, but your baby won't die from it, and they should get the idea before too long. Most of the time my baby goes down without any patting from us, it's only when she's overtired that I have to sit and sing to her and pat her for a bit, otherwise she puts herself to sleep and sleeps 11hours a night.
Thanks for your great suggestions, I was hoping someone would say "Just keep rocking her it would all turn out ok" but that is wishful thinking isn't it?

I have begun lying Georgia in my arms while I am sitting on a chair, when she is ready to sleep. I figure this is a nice stepping stone before going to her cot straight away. This works well, I am suprised, she takes longer to fall asleep but I thought she would cry and wriggle but she just plays and talks and eventually just drops off.

Well I have learned my lesson, the next bubba that comes along won't be rocked to sleep, it is hard work getting them out of it, isn't it?

Thanks for your help, I needed a bit of reasurance, and to definately break the rocking habit, my back will thank me for it, it already is impressed!!!!!!
I have just read your question & I'm sure would have had the same one soon as I too rock my 4 & 1/2 month to sleep. I know that I should stop and try to settle her in her bed. She does this at night time but not during the day. I might try what you have done with Georgia and ween her off being rocked to sleep. My baby girl Jordan is my third. I used to pay my second to sleep & had to do this until he was 3yrs before he went to sleep on his own! You think I would have learnt.


It is great you can settle Jordan in bed at night, I feel that is the hardest time of day to get Georgia off to sleep.

Is still going well with Georgia going to sleep in my arms, Night time is pretty much ok now, doing afternoons now, Ha by the time Georgia is 3 I think she will make it to straight to bed at this rate. Thanks so much Jos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My son is 7 1/2 months and i rock him to sleep sometimes. Usually only when he is really upset and doesn't want to go to sleep on his own.

I think it is just the most beautiful feeling to have your baby fall asleep in your arms.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi my daughter is 7 months old and the only time I have rocked her to sleep is if we are out and she is tired and upset. My friends are amazed that she will fall asleep in my arms and then sleep for about 30 mins (she's getting heavy these days). When I am home though its different. From the start she has always been put to bed awake and she happily puts herself to sleep. I guess I am lucky though, as she goes to sleep within about 10 minutes with minimum fuss. I was always told to put them to bed awake so they can learn to go to sleep and after seeing my friends kids not sleep unless they were rocked etc and having terrible trouble when the baby woke up and couldn't (or wouldn't) go back to sleep, I'm glad I did. If you are happy rocking your baby to sleep, then do it. I always say, whatever you think is best for YOU and YOUR baby is the main thing.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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