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does your bub sleep on tummy? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I have a 4.5 mth old bub and this morning at about 4.30am he was making noises in his sleep (sounded like he was dreaming) and this went on for ages, then at about 5.15 it got louder and he sounded distressed so I went in to check on him and found him on his tummy. I thought that he must have rolled and was upset but when I picked him up I realised that he was actually asleep, and now I had given him the biggest fright and he was so upset (first time we have had real tears). I managed to settle him back down fine and it was all ok, but I am nervous about him sleeping on his tummy due to SIDS, so I am wondering who else has bub's who prefer their tummy and if you have any tips.
I know for my own piece of mind I can go in and gently roll him back (compared to what I did this morning which was pick him up as I got such a fright myself) but have a feeling that he was just roll back again. Appreciate any tips as at this stage feel like I will be in to check on him all night to make sure he is ok

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

There have been other threads where mums have had similar concern - not sure where they are though! Anyway, in the end, there is not going to be much you can do if he is rolling himself and quite comfortable on his tummy. If he can hold his head up, it is less of an issue. We were very concerned and tried everything, but in the end, the wrapping etc was going against the SIDS guidelines. We have an angelcare monitor that has a sensor pad that monitors movement. It gives me some relief.


Hi Joe's mum,

My daughter started sleeping on her tummy around the same agea as your baby. She still sleeps on her tummy, as long as he can get back to his back if he needs to i would'nt worry, you will proberly just upset him by moving him around. Imagine if someone moved you around in your sleep, he he.

Hope this helps
Ella's mumma
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