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i need help and i need it now... Lock Rss

hi guys,
Ok so far i think i have done a pretty good job at settling and help settling my little boy. But recently he has become such a handfull when it comes to going to sleep. We do wrap and he has a dummy, we have tried to half wrap and it doesnt work. we have tried taking the dummy away - that hasnt worked. We have tried feeding before bed, in bed, rocking to sleep and anything possible. i even tried keeping him awake all day!

When i say it hasnt worked - we have tried for a few days sticking to it as a routine. But it just seems to get worse and worse as day 3 arrives. I dont know what we are doing wrong.

He sleeps all night with usually 1 wake for a dummy replacement from 7pm till 6.30am (now that the light is coming through earlier) he has another nap at 9am for about 2hours and another around 2pm for 1 1/2hours. When i go to put him down he will scream, and scream. This is no ordinary cry its definatly a scream. Then it turns into hyperventalating then it turns into a drink, and a "feel sorry for me mummy" type cry.

I need help and i need it now, what can i do to stop him from going balistic for a sleep. Its really getting me down, as i cant cope with the continually crying. so by the time hubby gets home im exhausted and upset that he has two big cry babies to handle! ANY advice is more than welcome i am now willing to try anything, as i am getting really depressed about the whole situation. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi, can i ask how old he is?

My 4 month old is the same, and now i leave him to cry for about 30 seconds and then will go and resettle not smiling but in a serious voice saying 'go to sleep or sleep time now' i put his dummy in and leave the room i do this about 3 times, he gives up by the 3rd time i put his dummy in and he goes to sleep. he is learning that i am not going to run in there and pick him up or give him lots of attention, because i will admit i use to do that but now he got beyond a joke with earpiecing screams.
Im not sure if this is classed as controlled crying but kids are pretty smart and they know to cry if you will give them attention, i made that mistake.
Good luck, i hope you find something that works.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

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