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No sleeep during the day = overtired babies. Lock Rss

My bubbies have just started sleeping from 7.30 ish til 7amish with a dream feed, but now they dont settle by themselves in there cot i am forever running back to there room, if i let them grizzle it turns into uncontrolable crying and they (mainly Braydon) will not sleep and will be like this for a couple of hours. when i can get them to sleep its only for 15-45 mins, i look for the tired signs and put them to bed and i try to resettle but with no luck, and if i get them up they wont play happily, and get overtired.
Sorry ive raqmbled alot but im desperately in need of some advice or help anything?????

Thanks from a very tired stressed out mummy.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

When I went to the sleep clinic, there was a mum there with twins. The nurses were fantastic and gave her so much help. The put the boys into routines that would work around her taking her other kids to school, and took care of the nights and day sleeps. By the end of the week, they were sleeping through, eating heaps of food and having good day naps. I really can't tell you what they did, not to sure of it all, but the mum was like a new woman at the end of it. Maybe you could look into a sleep clinic yourself, I know it was great for me.


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