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Co-Sleeping Lock Rss

Does anyone do this, how long for and did you worry about rolling on them?

I just read an article in the paper the other day saying out of 29 infant deaths in new zealand 9 where caused by co sleeping and smothering. This was quoted from the NZ coroner. Not that I am against co-sleeping. I just remember reading it and the figures stuck in my mind.
Hi Kylie & Mia,

We have co-slept with all 3 of our children and have found it great! I found I wasn't sleeping much at all as I was too worried about SIDS. Co-sleeping gaves us all a much better nights sleep and I did worry about rolling on them but in fact all our childs would almost roll on us. We always seemed to roll away from them but they always rolled up against us...even at only brand new newborn stage!

We co-slept with out first till he was about 2.5yr then we moved him to a bed on the floor next to ours as I was due to give birth to our 2nd child. He went fine. Then we co-slept with our 2nd till she was just over a year old as I was due with our 3rd shortly so we moved her to the bed on the floor and our son moved to his own room and bed. We co-slept with our 3rd till she was 5mths and now she sleeps mainly in her cot in our room...but still does ocassionally co-sleep. Both out older children sleep in 1 room and share the double size bed.

We have never had any problems and I would keep co-sleeping with however many children we have.

There is + and - with co-sleeping....just like everything else in life but we have had some many positives from this.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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