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Help Needed! Lock Rss

I am really looking for tips to get my 10 1/2 mth old to sleep longer than 20 mins day and night. I have tried the leave them to cry method and all she does is stand at the end of her cot and screem for up to 40 mins until I go in there because I have had enough. She wakes every morning at about 3 and thinks it is time to get up. I am not overly thrilled about this and I know it is time to get some help. So if anyone could shed some light on a very grey subject for me that would be much appreciated.
I now what you are going trough Breanna is 7 months and I had a huge problem with her not sleeping I had to take her to a sleep centre for a week they used the controled crying,it has worked for me but you have to keep it up.There is also a very good book called sleep right sleep tight this book has alot of information in it.All I can say is keep the controled crying up because it does work

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

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