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Rolling around in! Lock Rss

Hi Guys, how on earth do you get your little one to stop rolling onto their belies in their sleep??? I tried one of those things that is a cushion on either side of them but the little bull rolls straight over it, LOL! I hardly sleep cause he does it all the time and I am frightened the worst wll happen. Is there anything I can do??? Thanks...
Jacob started doing this at 6 months and it freaked me but if your bub is doing this on their own you can't stop them - its part of their development.

All you can do is make sure you follow all the safe guidelines - no cot bumpers - no toys in the cot that can potentially smother and they are dressed appropriately for the climate.

Jacob started doing this during winter and we stopped covering him with sheet and blanket - just made sure he was in a suitable winter suit and socks on his feet.

Never had a problem and to this day he sleeps with his head down where his feet would normally be.

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