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Sleeping Through The Night Lock Rss

Does anyone have any tips on how to get their baby to sleep through the night? Can you get them to sleep through or is it all up to baby? Hannah is just over 9 weeks and is easy to settle and get to sleep at night but usually doesnt sleep longer than 4 hours at a time.

Tanya, Hannah 26/08/05

Hi cosmo, I'd say at 9 weeks, she's waking up hungry. I remember I fed Mackenzy four hourly or so at night up until 4/5 months. I wouldn't be trying to simply settle her back to sleep, I'd say she's hungry. Oh, and some children take A LONG time before they will sleep right through. Check with you CMHN, I'm sure they'll be able to put you in the right direction

My son is 7 months old and wakes approximately 2 times a night for a feed. We're trying to break this habbit with him so he only has one feed but if he is hungry I'm really not going to let him starve.

Sometimes he will sleep for 3 hours before he wants a feed, sometime it can be 6 hours - it varies. He also has solids during the day but I guess growing babies need food no matter how much you give them.

I'd love to have a night that he sleeps for me but now I have come to this conclusion:-

Enjoy it while you can - before you know it they will be grown up, not wanting you to hold them, sleeping all night that you will miss them. Enjoy it now.

My son is now crawling and squirms everytime you hold him - I now enjoy the night feeds where he is tried and sleepy - I can cuddle him without him squirming and hold him for a short time while he's sleeping in my arms - he is only 7 months old but he is far from the little baby he was. Where did my baby go?

Chin up - and enjoy the moment now. I know its hard getting up during the night but really it will only be for such a short period of your whole life - I believe its worth it.

Luckiest Mum In The World

Hi Cosmo

At 9 weeks your baby still needs to be fed through the night. I was really lucky with my son (now 2yrs old) as he started sleeping through from 7pm-7am when he was 9 weeks old. My daughter (now 7 months old) started sleeping through at 4 weeks, however since I started her on soilds at 6 months she's started waking about every 4 hours through the night again. Every now and then she'll sleep through but more often than not she wakes through the night. I spoke to our clinic nurse today and she told me that it's pretty normal for babies of her age to still be waking or start waking again if they've slept through in the past. So like SAJ, I have just accepted that she is probably going to keep night waking for a while yet and I just enjoy being able to hold her in the quiet of the night - because they really do grow up so fast and I know that it won't be long until she's fully crawling and won't want as many cuddles.

Take care
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