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Im at breaking point! Lock Rss

My baby is now almost 6 months old. She has always been a varied sleeper, but it is really getting to me now, to a point where I am wishing I never had her at times!
My general day with her sleeping is:

I am lucky if she has a sleep during the day. Yet sometimes she will suprise me and go down for a 3 hour sleep. Mostly she has 1 or 2 40 minute naps during the day. At night - she has a 30 minute nap when she seems to be ready to be down for the night. Then she is up for about 3 - 4 hours again. It is usually around 10.30 - 12pm before she goes down, only to wake at 2 - 3 am, then again at 6. Then she will sleep through to 8, sometimes even 10am. I try so hard to get her down earlier, but she just wont have a barr of it.
I took her to the chiro a few weeks ago and it was bliss for a few nights. The best was 10.5 hours straight! 4 nights later and it was back to the same thing. Back to the chiro again and we got 3 good nights. Another visit to the chiro and we are still waiting for that good sleep.
She is a tummy sleeper. She doesn't mind being on her back on the floor during the day, but will not go down on her back to sleep.
Any suggestions? CC? Save our Sleep program? I love my baby girl to bits but she is slowly sending me loopy!
Oh, another thing - she is a mummas girl. Will only put up with dad or someone else holding her for about 10 minutes before she is screaming for me again. As soon as she is in my arms she stops crying.
Anyway, thanks for reading, any help or suggestions would be greatful!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

oh dear.. huge hugs Gemma gir.
It sounds to me like it might be time to get a wee bit tough (e.g. cc or something).. in the end it's best for both of you.
have sent you that programme, so hopefully that will be of some help smile
[Edited on 13/02/2008]

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

It sounds like you will have to do some cc or cio. Some advice I was given - hopefully some of it may be of use to you:

1. I was told that once they are 6 months old babies should be able to sleep through the night without a feed.

2. Its really advised if possible to set up a strict bedtime routine e.g. bath, massage, story, feed, bed or anything similar and have bubs in bed between 7-8pm as any later and they will be overtired and really hard to settle. (This one really worked for us!).

3. Take away any sleep props e.g dummy, rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep now as bubs will keep on waking and need the prop to get back to sleep again.

4. When you use cc or cio it takes the average baby 45 minutes of crying to go to sleep the first night (some can be only 10 minutes and some up to 2 hours). You need to be committed and stick to it as if you give in bubs will get even more confused. It took DS 5 nights of crying (anywhere between 10 minutes and 30 minutes) and he now usually slef settles.

5. The better day sleeper a baby is the better they will sleep at night.

I hope some of this is helpful. We went through the same sort of thing with DS (he's only 3.5 months) but we have used the Sleepsense programme and things are much better. Now he usually sleeps 8-9 hours straight at night, has a feed and then down for another 2 hours. His day sleeps are also improving but still a bit umpredictable at this stage, we're working on it! Good luck!

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Jo-S I agree with your ideas... and you put them down nice and simply too! smile

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

Poor thing, I hope you have some relief soon!

Someone made a really good point in one of the posts. My son also has to be in bed by 8pm for a good night sleep, any later and he becomes overtired, restless and agitated. I used to think the later to bed, the longer he would sleep. He really proved me wrong, and loves a consistent bedtime.

Good luck!

hi gemma girl, sounds like you need a bit of help with your lil munchkin! i dont know if i'll be much help but i'll tell you my lil story!!

Riley (now 8 months) was a terrible sleeper up until new years eve smile i decided enough was enough and i needed some sleep! he used to be up about 3 times a night to feed back off to sleep!! so i had to do it the hard way and did some cc, and it has been the best thing i have ever done! i absolutly hated it!!!! but it worked! the first night took 1 1/4 hours for him to settle, the next night was 45 mins the next nigth 20 mins and now i dont hear a peep from him when he goes down to bed! i also have the same ready for bed routine every night!! with the cc, i took a bit out of the tizzie hall save our sleep book, where you leave the bubs depending on age for rileys age it was 18 mins without going in, then i would go in and let him know i was there and leave again, tizzie hall actually says not to leave them but riley got more upset with me being in with him than not! so it worked for us that way! she also says not to ever let them cry if its an emotional cry, you will no the difference, rileys were always a protest so you can leave them with that and they will "eventually" self settle!! so now he is 8 months old and he sleeps from about 7.45 - 5 am has a feed then sleeps till between 7.30-9!! so such a huge improvement, i am hoping he drops his morning feed himself soon! but anyway it was the best thing for us, i hated doing it but it really does work! the first night i was bawling myu eyes out with him, so be prepared for some hard work, but i tell you a full nights sleep is worth it! good luck xx ps when her night sleeps are sorted her day ones will sort themselves out too smile


I agree. with my first son I tried cc a million time sbut I wasnt strong enough. in the end we tried it and my hubby got up and physiclly held me donw so i wouldnt go in. in 2 nigts he was sleeping thru! my seond son I worke dup the nerve and aid right, be prpared fo the worst stiuck it out and go for it, one night and he was sleeping thru!

Now i have a 5 mth old. He is wkaing up 3 times annigt and he is protesting so I know i have to do it but I am so tired I keep putting it off. I know when myhubby is ready he will tell me and then thats it. we will be prepared to be up all nght if need be and i know in a few nigts everything will be peaceful again.

i found with my little girl that in the day making the room quite light and at night follow a relaxing routine and do the last feed with the lights off in a quite room. an finally she worked out day and night.
At the moment she is having 3 half hour sleeps during the day and is sleeping all night without waking.
Hope this helps Hang in there
Jordy's Mum
My little boy is 3 months old, really hard to get him to sleep during the day but at night sleeps from 11-7 or 12-8. And has been in that routine since he was 6 weeks old. He doesnt wake for a feed in between either. I have a routine with him, feed at 5, bath, play then nap. Then he wakes at 9 for his last feed before bed. He likes his dummy when he first goes to bed, but once he is settled he spits it out, he wakes up around 6am stirs a little then back to sleep. Obviously every baby is different, but some things work well for some babies and others don't.
Hi hun

WoooW I hope you have some relief by now.....
My son has slept through the night since 3months and he 15 months now.he also has a morning and afternoon nap, he is a good boy but in saying that my husband and i have been very firm on his sleep times.We never take him out of bed when he crys(unless its a serious cry)cos once you do then they soon learn that they can cry to get there own way.
make sure there fed,clean,had there milk and warm and then put them to bed.They will soon learn that bed time is bedtime and they wake up much happier and rested.
we always make sure his room is dark and we always warn him that hes going to bed kisses and cuddles first. and he knows its sleep time. i suggest that you be firm and dont give into the crys it will get easer.. wink Go0D luCk
[Edited on 17/02/2008]

Thanks everyone for your replies and to Gina for that book! We had 3 semi good nights then last night a rather [email protected] one! So tonight I sort of bit the bullet. I started by giving her her tea at 6.15, then into the bath at 6.45, then boob, then off to bed, as she is always falling asleep on the boob. She slept for 30 mins then woke screaming! I had to pick her up and give her cuddles. I put her back down awake and went out of the room in 5 minute intervals. My god she was upset! After 4 repititions I had to pick her up as she was doing the whole big sob. Once I picked her up she stopped crying but was still doing the slow breathe then little 'gasp' cry, as she was quite upset. Took me all of 5 minutes to get her properly calm and she fell asleep on my shoulder. This was at 8.30, its now 9.50 and I haven't heard from her, touchwood!
Im a bit of a softie. It was so heartwrenching hearing her cries, so she won me over in the cuddle side of things, but I just could not calm her while she was lying in the cot.
So fingers crossed for a good night tonight.
I am happy if she wakes the once for a feed, eventually going down to none, but ATM I'll take any good stuff!
Thanks again girls, will let you know how the rest of the night goes and fingers crossed this is the beginning of something good!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Only extra thing i would add, is if you do need to pick your dd up if she is getting to upset try and put her back down before she falls asleep on you, otherwise she will start to wake up and want you to cuddle her back to sleep!!! Good luck and hang in there!!!
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