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Hi everyone,

My nine a half month old has a cold but it isn't really worring her. Last night she normally goes to bed around 7 but last night she would not sleep at all she decieded that she was going to play and stand up in her cot. i would go back in there and put her back down but nope she wouldn't have a bar of it. Eventually she craked adn would cry so i got her up gave her a little bottle a bath and a play but nope no sleeping for me she said i tool her for a drive at 10:30 and boom straight to sleep. When i got home thought she woke up but it didn't take much to put her back to sleep. She didn't wake at all during the night but during one of her 2 day sleeps she did the same thing but after an hour and 15 went to sleep but woke half an hour later, normally she would sleep for 1.5 hrs.

I don't really think its her cold cause she is quite happy still.

does anyone have any ideas what it could be or what to do???

Thanks ellas mumma
my 9.5mth did that for months and months until I bought I safeTsleep wrap to strap her down. I know it sounds harsh but she just wasn't getting over the playing phase and every sleep was hell. now she goes straight to sleep most of the time (she can still get out of the safeTsleep if she wants to, but most of the time she doesnt bother to). i don't know what else you can try except to make sure you have a definite routine so she knows its sleepytime (tho this didn't stop my bub from mucking around) and also having a "winding' down period of 15 mins of darkened room, quietly looking at a teddy or something (this didn't help my bub either!). Maybe you've already done these things tho? Hopefully it's just a one-off (or two-off) for you and Ella. I think they just find exploring and playing far more interesting than sleeping at this age.
Good Luck
ps, did you give her any medication for the cold, maybe it sent her nutty? One other member mentioned that last week.

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

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