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Waking for a cuddle?? Lock Rss

My 9mth old son has always been a great sleeper up until the last 3 weeks or so when he started waking at 1.30 am every night and does not seem to want anything but a cuddle! He is not hungry or cold or hot or wet but will cry until I pick him up then goes back to sleep after a few minutes of being held. I thought maybe its teething but he doesn't seem to be in pain when he wakes, I've tried making his cot nice and cosy and giving him a teddy to cuddle but hasn't helped. I will try the shh pat method I've been reading about here but have to wonder why this is happening and what wakes him? Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions would be appreciated


If you are putting bub to bed around the same time every night I am guessing that around 1.30am every morning your bub is changing sleep cycles and that would be what is waking him up.

I don't really have any suggestions as to how to stop him wanting the cuddle but someone once told me that you will one day cherish the time you had to get up at 1.00 in the morning to give cuddles or to check on bub as one day you will walk past their room at 1.00 in the morning and wonder who's bed they are in and wish it was their own.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Margie

My 7 1/2 month old daughter is doing the same thing. She slept throught the night from when she was 4 weeks old. But at 6 months, when I introduced solids she started waking of a night again. I think it took a while for her body to get used to solids that's why she started waking again. She also seemed hungry as well. But the past couple of nights she seems to be waking more out of habit and/or wanting a bit of comforting. It's pretty normal for babies to go through separation anxiety at around 8-9 months so it could be that. Like the other mums have said - even though it can be a pain, the cuddles don't last for long so enjoy them while you can. Last night when my daughter woke at midnight (I'd last fed her at 10pm) as soon as I picked her up she started sucking her thumb and going back to sleep, so I rocked her for a while and put her back to bed and she slept until 6am. some other nights I've had to sit next to her cot patting her until she goes to sleep - sometimes it only takes a few minutes and other times up to 1/2 an hour - if it takes that long I usually get her up and feed her. I hope this helps. Let us know how you go.

Take care
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