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Tummy sleeping Lock Rss

My daughter (7 months) has decided to sleep on her tummy. As soon as I put her into bed she rolls over and drops off to sleep. When she's in a deep sleep I'll move her onto her back but sometimes she semi-wakes and rolls to her tummy and other times she'll stay on her back but the next time she stirs she rolls again and shes always on her tummy when I get her up. She can roll to her back so I figure that she's pretty safe now and I've stopped using the safe-t-sleep so that she doesn't get stuck on her tummy but is she okay? I worry about it constantly but she seems so much more comfortable that way and actually sleeps so much longer when on her tummy!!!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

my son peter now doesnt like to sleep wrapped so we stopped about 4 weeks ago from that night on he has done what your daughter has done he to sleeps alot better on his tummy i do what you do i roll him over to his back and 9 times out of 10 he is rolling back over as i leave the room
i to worry i had a talk to a few friends about this and they seem to all say the same thing if he knows to roll back over he will be fine this still hasnt become something i feel ok with leaving so i also would love to hear what other parents feel
sorry i couldnt help

mum of peter 25/12/04

my five month old has this week rolled over and now will not spend any time on his back including sleep.Ill put him in his cot on back and he rolls over not always straight away but during hs sleep.My husband and i were worried the first time and turnes him round. That of course woke him up, so hewanted a feed.I think it true what they are saying.If they can turn onto tummy then they can turn back.So probably no need to worry.Its easier said than done though!!!
Hi My boy Joe who is now 6 months has been sleeping on his tummy since about 4.5mths. We always put him to bed on his back and during the day he tends to stay that way, but at night in his big sleep he rolls over onto his tummy and sleeps that way. The thing with Joe is that he can only roll onto his tummy he doesnt know how to roll back - so that stressed me out a bit!! - so I rang the SIDS helpline and spoke to them and they were very comforting. There is nothing that you can do, and if they are able to roll over they should be fine. Now that Joe turns his head to one side and sucks his thumb I sleep much better as before he would just face plant the matress and I was always worried he would suffocate - so I made the decision to stop worrying and just let him be. It was no point me not sleeping and getting up in the night to roll him back - as all it did was disturb him - I leave him on his tummy and he is happy and I get more sleep - YAY! My friend uses a grobag at night for her little girl and cause it is the 6-18mth one it is quite long so she tucks the end into the end of the cot with her blankets and that way it is harder for her to roll - might be an idea for you if you are really worried?

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